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    Subtotals Question

    Elliot Millan

      1.  I am looking for a way to use subtotals to show an agency average, and when I filter on an office level, I do not want the subtotal to change, only the office level details (looking at the screenshot, if I only want to see "Washington" and "Africa" the subtotal number won't change but the other columns will) Is this possible? or is there a workaround?  i know I could do it using 2 separate worksheets and then put them side by side on a dashboard; however that would give me to separate scroll bars which does not work well w/ the viz.



      2. If you have 2 subtotal columns, can you create a calculation showing if there was an increase or decrease from the prior year?





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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Elliot,


          Have you utilized Tableau Level of Detail expressions?  They will allow you to do what you want.  See the example on this page for Percent of Total:  Top 15 LOD Expressions | Tableau Software  


          That should get you going but come back if you have any questions.  Ideally, if you have a workbook (.twbx) file to share then it is more likely someone here will jump in and show an example of how to accomplish what you like with something that looks closer to your own data.


          I hope that helps.