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    Running Sum on a Filtered View


      My view has 6 dimensions and 1 measure (call it Income).


      I have filtered my view based on several criteria, including a logical table calculation for LAST()=0.


      I would like to create a running sum for all these rows where LAST is True. The running sum should reset at the first row level (call it Client).


      I have tried variations of IF [Last Entered] THEN RUNNING_SUM(SUM([INCOME]) END and editing the dimensions for the table calculation to calculate and restart from (i.e. Deepest, Client).


      I have also tried variations of LOD expressions, WINDOW_SUM, and TOTAL, but to no avail.


      This seems fairly straightforward but I am getting stuck. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry I can't post my workbook as the data is company private and sensitive. Thank you.