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    Taking Calculated Field from one data source into another to be used as filter

    Yunus Gittham

      Hi All


      I have a calculated field in data source D1

      d1vcalc1 which has the following calculation


      IF d1calc2 = 'aaa' then 'sss' else 'ttt' end ( d1calc2 is another calculated field )


      I want to use the values 'sss' or 'ttt' as a filter in a second data source.


      So, in the second data source D2, i have added a calculated field which is called d2calc1


      d2calc1 contains d1.d1calc1


      I am trying to use that as a filter for d2 and it wont work. What am i missing?


      Cannot post a TWBX due to confidentiality.