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    Need help showing earned hours for a workcenter in a meaningful way.

    Christopher Benfer

      OK, I am trying to create a dashboard for display of basic data within our plant.  I've got some basic bar graphs set up for things like efficiency that I like.  See the example below.  I want the chart to clearly show the goal, and use red and green to show good and bad data.  Again, this one is fine.



      I am trying to create a similar graph to include the hours scheduled, hours targeted, and hours earned by day for the area.  The hours targeted varies by area and day, but it is a known value.  The hours scheduled should be equal to or lower than the target.  The hours earned should be equal to or higher than the target or the schedule (whichever is lower).  I came up with this chart:



      It functions fine, but the display isn't as clean.  My boss wanted to try setting the bars next to each other:



      This seems to be OK, except I wanted to leave the committed (target) hours as a neutral color.  I can change the scheduled and earned hours independently, but based on everything I've been reading I can't make both of them independent from the target.  If someone has a suggestion there, this might work.


      Also, I tried another version of the same graph, but tried to leave out the targeted hours from the bars and use that as a goal line, but I couldn't figure out how to make that work.  I liked the look of it, but I couldn't get the correct value to show up on the bar.


      Finally, I came up with a stacked bar concept that showed the gap from schedule to target and looked OK, but as soon as I try to add the earned hours it wants to stack that as well and I haven't figured out a way to make it sit by itself.  I was trying some stuff with using parameters where you would normally put measurement names, but no luck.



      So, the short version is, I have a bunch of "almost" solutions to the problem.  I'd be happy if anyone could help me "solve" any of these, or if someone has a nicer way to view the same information I would be open to listening.