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    Multiple Linear Regression using R

    Hardi Saputra

      Hi All,


      Currently, I am working on lm() and predict() function under Tableau. My goal is to predict Y based on new inputs (from parameter filter). The script looks like this:


      SCRIPT_REAL( "










          fit = lm( y ~ x1 + x2 + x3 + x4 + x5 + x6 + x7, data=x);

          dat = data.frame(x1=.arg9, x2=.arg10, x3=.arg11, x4=.arg12, x5=.arg13, x6=.arg14, x7=.arg15);

          predict(fit, dat, interval = 'prediction')[1]"

      , SUM([Company Type Value]), SUM([Education Level value]), SUM([Industry Type Value]), SUM([Job Category Value]),

      SUM([Job Level N Value]), SUM([Location Value]), SUM([Years Of Experience]), SUM([Monthly Salary]),

      SUM([Company Type Filter]), SUM([Education Level Filter]), SUM([Industry Filter]), SUM([Job Category Filter]), SUM([Job Level Filter])

      , SUM([Location Filter]), SUM([YOE Filter]))


      Actually, I found no error and got a single return Y value but the value seems to be wrong. Another problem is, the return value didnt change if I input totally different value in my parameter as inputs.
      I have browsed some references including through Bora Beran blog but still I couldnt solve my problem.. Hope you can give some feedback shortly.. Thanks