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    Creating Bar Chart with filter

    Elpida Mavromataki


      I want to create a bar chart with a specific filtering.For instance,I have some metrics for a group of countries(Italy,France,UK,Sweeden,Spain).I want to create a bar chart with 2 columns in each metric.The first column will measure the metric of Italy and the second column bar will measure the metric for the total group including Italy,in order to compare the metric.I do not want the total in the end of the metrics.It's metric will have the total column.

      Conversion Rate:


      Avg.Number of fans:

      Italy total

      Cost per Campaign:


      These metrics in the same bar chart.


      Thank you for your answers!

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          Andrew Watson

          Can you provide some data/twbx file? This will likely lead to more and better responses.

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            Steve Burger



            To Andrew's point above, if you can attach sample data or a Tableau Packaged Workbook that would be very helpful in diagnosing and providing an answer. At the very least, mock up an example of what you want to see, and maybe provide the data as-is.

            I've make a quick attempt here in the attached workbook, assuming data looks like my sample data (attached as Excel file).



            It is really critical to understand the 'shape' of your data to provide you best solution.  A thorough examination of my example will find some issues (hint, Conversion Rate is a percentage, other values are 'raw' numbers, think about the aggregations).

            But to break the ice, start here and let us know.  If this is helpful or answers your question, please market as such so others can find it quickly.


            Best Regards,



            Steve Burger

            Tableau Online Deployment Advisor.