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    Can't get the Context Filter to work

    Subha Yoganandan

      I have a query. I have a dashboard (workbook attached) with 3 worksheets using the data from the EU Superstore dataset. I have a filter on Sum(Profit) which should refine the first worksheet (Manufacturer & Profit list). Once that is done - the second & third worksheets should refresh from the data that is displayed on the first worksheet dynamically.


      For example: I need a list of manufacturers & their given total Profits ranging from £1000 to £10000 only. From this list of 'n' number of manufacturers, I want a Customer Segment Pie chart showing Sum(Profit) for each segment. In other words, I need a 2 layer filter. When I do this, the pie chart does not get displayed as the data is already filtered on the Profit from the first worksheet. (See attached)


      I have tried the following but it did not give me what I wanted:

      1. Use the "Use as filter" option on the first (Manufacturer & Profit) worksheet.

      2. Set the "Add to context" on the Action element on the second dashboard.