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    Slicing a column into three categories to display as a Histogram

    Nicholas Sharaf



      I have an aggregated column that represents a ratio which I have calculated earlier. This ratio is called 'Score'. I want to slice this column into three categories i.e. Underweight, Healthy and Overweight and represent that information in a histogram.


      The conditions are as following:

      Score >1.2 Then Overweight

      Score < 0.8 Then Underweight

      Else Healthy


      Using my current logic written as the following:


      IF ({FIXED [Name]:[Score]} < 0.8)

      Then 'Underweight'

      ELSEIF ({FIXED [Name]:[Score]} >1.2)

      THEN 'Overweight'



      With this calculate field, I am able to accurately distinguish by color the Names. However I am unable to aggregate this into a histogram. The desired out on the histogram is : Total Number of Overweight, Underweight and Healthy people.