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    Calculate value needed to reach a goal

    Martin Ocando

      On the attached workbook, you can see:

      - Daily productivity (Avg. MPH) for the month of September

      - Total moves per day

      - Weighted average, dividing the productivity of the current day between the total number of moves of the day. The higher the move count of the day, the highest weight for the average


      There are also calculations for the projected moves of the month, which are daily averages multiplied by the number of days in the month, average daily moves and a fixed value for the goal.


      Based on the weighted average, we need to calculate which productivity number we need to have on the rest of the days of the month, to reach the goal of 52 moves per hour monthly average. I tried, as you can see on the field named Prod to reach goal, but results make no sense. I was trying to emulate an excel formula SUMPRODUCT, but there is no equivalent in Tableau.


      Any ideas on how I can do this?



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          Hello Martin,


          Though not quite understand the logic of [Weight] calculation,

          anyway have a try at changing [Prod to reach goal] table calculation computing using Table (across).


          Thus you will get [Prod to reach goal] decreasing with the increase of day.


          Hope this meets your requirements.




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            Martin Ocando

            Ok, lets forget about the weight right now, and concentrate on the basic requirement. Once we have the calculation right, we can see if the weight have some relevance to it or not:


            We have daily productivity numbers, which consist of a few vessels moving a certain amount of containers, for so many hours, and productivity is calculated in Moves per Hour (MPH). For this month, let's say the target is 52 average MPH. And is the 28th, so there are still 2 days left in the month. If the current average of all daily MPH numbers is say, 50.8, I need to calculate how much MPH I need to do in the following two days to reach the goal of 52 MPH.