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    Need help creating a dashboard that tracks certain Account IDs within a list of Account IDs over time.  Help!

    Mario Guerrero III

      I am looking to create a view that tracks the presence of an address when new accounts are added to our database.



      I am isolating these accounts by using the formula {Fixed[ACCT_ID]:Min([Today])}=[Today].  Today being the date, once a month, that I add data to the dashboard.  I want to track these new accounts as they age and how long it takes to add the address in a line graph (% complete).



      Problem: I am able to isolate the net new accounts monthly.  However, I'm having trouble creating a rule or parameter that allows me to track them over time.  When I add them to the graph, it does the new accounts for each month and not just the one's I was looking at new to that particular month.

      For example, I want to look at June New Accounts and their completeness in August, Sept, Oct, etc. 

      The result I'm currently getting is June New Accounts and their completeness and in June, July New Accounts and their completeness in July. 


      I have attached some screenshots of my dashboards, the parameter I have, and the filters.


      Here is an imgur link to those same images:



      Thanks in advance!!!