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    Issues while upgrading to V10

    Cosmin Brici


      I have Tableau server installed.

      Initially i was running version 9.3.3 and had a request to jump to version 10.0.0


      Platform is:

      Virtual machine with Windows server 2012 R2 64 bit

      Language norks, regional setings norsk

      32gbs RAM and 50 gbs free disk


      Currently version 9.3.3 of Tableau is installed on D drive and has been like this since couple of earlier versions.

      It has been working fine since couple of versions ago and version 9.3.3 is working fine also


      Now i face issues trying to upgrade from v 9.3.3 to version 10.1.1 ( Primary Networked Server 10.0.0 | Released: 08/15/2016 )

      - 0Downloaded the binaries from: Alternate Downloads Site | Tableau Software

      - Did the install under Administrator account and undr the path from D drive but also from C:\program files.

      - Tried both uninstalling v9.3.3 before installing v10.0.0 and also installed V10.0.0 on top of 9.3.3

      - Made a manual backup to the database and also let the v10.0.0 installation to do it's own backup

      - The installation checks my system configuration and says that it matches needed requirements.


      During the installation i  get the below error message and installation crashes.



      I've also tried to update from 9.3.3. to 9.6 and it worked perfectly using the same procedure used for v10.0.0 upgrade.

      I've also tried the update with the new 10.0.1 | Released: 09/19/2016 and faced the same issues.



      Can you pleae guide me on how to properly update to v10?