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    Sharing data

    Sarah Werner

      Hi there, I'm a novice in using Tableau.


      Can I share my analytics with persons who don't have installed Tableau Desktop/Server/Online?

      If so, how?



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          Hello Sarah,


          I assume that you are using Tableau Desktop and created several workbooks (.twb or .twbx files)


          If you don't have Tableau Server and haven't subscribed to Tableau Online,

          you can,


          1.Share via Tableau Reader


          File -> Export Packaged Workbook -> send the .twbx file to whom you want to share.

          The person has to install Tableau Reader.


          Shortage: No security.

          The person who received your workbook might send it to anyone else without your control.


          2.Export your report to image/pdf/data file/cross table, and send to whom you want to share.


          Shortage: No interaction.


          3.Publish to Tableau Public and send the URL to whom you want to share.


          Shortage: Completely public.

          The workbook is open to all the world.




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            Russell Christopher

            You can create a Tableau "Packaged Workbook" (also known as a *.twbx) which includes an extract of the data which drives your analytics...This file can be sent directly to someone else, and they can open it with Tableau Reader.


            Of course, this mechanism has some draw-backs:


            • No security
            • Your "readers" will be looking at "stale" data - Reader cannot connect live to data.
            • No way for you to easily re-update what you send - you're sort of back to the days of "Excel ****".
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              Sarah Werner

              Thank you for your quick answers, this was quite helpful.