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    Is it possible to print only PART of a dashboard?

    Sarah McGraw

      Hello, I have created a series of dashboards to be published on my employer's website. They are designed so that each chart, when printed, fills a standard 8 1/2 X 11 paper in landscape view, for use on daily management boards.


      I believe that I am about to receive a request to add a great deal of additional text to each view--so much that I think it will reduce the size of the charts as to be fairly useless once printed if included in the view. The text in question would need to swap dynamically with the filters chosen by the user, so it's not an option to simply insert it into the webpage itself.


      Is there a way to select only PART of the embedded view to be printed using the "download"--> PDF or -->Image so that I can include additional text without rendering the printout useless?


      Alternatively, is it possible for me to embed a second dashboard below the printable one, but have them both controlled with a single parameter control?


      I've looked for threads on both of these topics, and it seems like the second choice might be impossible at this time. Am I right about that? What about the first choice?


      Thank you!