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    Table calculation at a deeper level than the current view?

    Hugo Morelle

      Hey everyone!

      This is actually my first post on the forum, I used to look all over the internet to get answers, but this one has been tricky ! O:)

      Let me describe the issue :


      I've got trains departing from a station at different hours. The only thing I know is the departure timestamp, and I'm looking for the time interval between 2 departures...

      I managed to get it with a table calc thanks to the difference between a row and the previous one, but here is the problem :

      As you can guess, having this level of granularity gives me too many marks. I would like to get the average time difference for each hour, by putting aside the minutes, but it breaks my table calculation, which is then referring to the previous hour instead of minute...


      Therefore, the question is : Can we perform a table calculation at a deeper level than the view ?


      Thank you in advance!