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    why use of parameters in tableau

    Manohar Toy

      why use of parameters in tableau and Use of parameters in tableau can you explain briefly




                                                                 thank you

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          Hello Manohar,


          Quoted from online help,


          Using the parameter control you can dynamically change the threshold in your calculation


          In my words, the purpose is to enhance interaction between report consumers and the report.


          How to's can be found here Parameters .




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            Glen Robinson


            There are a number of reasons to use Parameters in a View.

            Parameters give your end user the ability to interact with the dashboard, and change how that dashboard is behaving.


            1. Use Parameters for filtering (Select Value to be filtered)

            2. Use for comparison. (Select Value to compare against other Values)

            3. Change how a View looks (Change from Weekly total to running total)

            4. Use for what if scenarios (Change the Annual % rate to see how this affects growth)

            5. Use to set constants within a Dashboard


            The uses are pretty endless as to what you can do with parameters

            I would take a look at tableau public (Free Data Visualization Software | Tableau Public) for some ideas on how they are used.


            All the best


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              Steve Burger

              To author an interactive visualization that allows your audience to select a value.


              For example, you build a time series report showing historical sales, but want to allow your users to select a percentage for a "what if" scenario.

              "What if sales had been 10% more? 25%?"

              Parameters in Tableau are always used with calculations.


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              Steve Burger

              Tableau Online Deployment Advisor

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