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    Can I apply conditional formatting to a text value/measure name and NOT the measure values?

    Deborah Holt

      I've created a calculated item in order to flag each data row with a label containing 'Met target' or 'Missed target'.

      When I apply conditional formatting, the colours are also applied to the measure values, but I only want the colour to be applied to the measure name.

      This is because the target is only valid for one year of data, but i want to show previous years' results in the same table.

      QuestionTarget achieved?2015 result2014 results2013 results
      bla bla Met target908687

      So, if I format based on 'Met target' it colours the whole row, but as the target is 89, I don't want cells for 2014 & 2013 to be coloured.

      I only want the 'Met target' text to be shown as green and if the value is 'Missed target' then the text colour should be red, leaving the colour of the values untouched.


      Can anyone advise if this is possible?

      Many thanks in advance