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    Tableau Server 10.0.1 Dashboard Sizing Issue

    Nahush Rao

      Hi all,


      I have recently published a Tableau 10.0.1 workbook that contains device-specific views to Tableau Server (v10.0.1). Unfortunately, the Default view don't seem to be working as I'd hoped. In particular, sometimes the Tablet view appears on my laptop when I expect the Default view to appear. Please see the information below for specific details-- any idea what might be going wrong?


      I noticed that when I view the dashboard on a small-ish laptop (14", 1600x900), Tableau Server incorrectly displays the Tablet version of the dashboard.


      When I view the dashboard on a larger laptop (15.6", 1920x1080), Tableau server properly displays the Default version of the dashboard.


      The device-specific dashboard sizes I have configured are as follows:

      1. Default: Fixed Size, 800x600
      2. Tablet: Fit all (sized to iPad mini, 1024x768)
      3. Phone: Fit width (sized to iPhone 5, 320x568)