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    URL Action in Tableau 10 Not Working

    Rahul Ahluwalia

      I use a lot of URL actions in my workbooks. In previous versions, I would specifically create a URL action as such:

      1. On a dashboard, select a sheet
      2. Go to Worksheet (Menu bar on Mac) --> Actions
      3. Add a URL action. Ex: www.google.com/<search string>
      4. When the end-user would click on the URL, it would point to the aforementioned URL


      In Tableau 10, the same exact workbook is treated as such for step 4 above: {tableau workbook URL} + {www.google.com/<search string}. Since this Tableau workbook URL is added before the intended URL, it fails to point the end-user to the desired link. How can I eliminate this? This is happening in every single workbook that is published on the server.


      As note, Tableau Desktop v10 performs as intended. The URL points to the desired web link. Server is the only place where it performs the behavior mentioned above.