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    Programatically extending selected marks for filter action

    Jerry Cummings

      Workbook attached.


      What I have:

      A workbook that contains minimal sample data and a scatter plot. The marks on the scatter plot are distinguished by color and shape. The scatter plot also has a filter action to take it to another worksheet based on the selection.


      What I want:

      A behavior that always add the appropriate color square mark to the filter selection. If I select two two orange dots, I want the filter to be set to the two orange dots and the orange square mark. If I select a blue dot and an orange dot, I want both of those dots plus the blue square and orange square to be used as the filter.


      The attached example is quite simplified. In the real world, it would be quite tedious to also select the given square(s) for the chosen colors, so I'd like to automate that. If I could extend the selection that might work. Or if I could tweak the filter action to add marks of interest in addition to those actually selected.


      Thoughts? Or pointers to any examples that I've overlooked?


      Tableau Desktop 9.3