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    Govind Ramchetty


      I have filter Like order_date

      I am getting






      I have to put my order_date column in filter.But i dont want to display NULL.

      I have to display only year.I dont want NULL



      How can i achieve this

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          sunaina sarah

          Hi Govind,


          Just uncheck 'Null' in your filter.


          First pull Order_date into Filter column. Then select "#years". Then press 'next'. then you will find all the years in your data. if you have 'nulls' in the order_date column, even 'Null' will be displayed along with the years. then you check only the years you want and uncheck the 'null'. then you will not get 'nulls' . Only years selected will be displayed




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            Govind Ramchetty

            YEs.Now i have only NUll,2010,2011,2012,2013,...2016.Now i will uncheck null.After 2 months later if i am getting 2017 records.It will automatically refresh or  ?




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              Hi Govind,


              I can suggest you one workaround.


              Go to the data source pane and add a filter to exclude the null value from Order_Date.


              Please ref the below image I have excluded the year 2011.


              Add it to the filter in the work sheet.



              Hope it helps




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                Hima vardhan Reddy Pavuluri

                Hi ,


                You can do in this way ,

                Duplicate the filed , then drag this duplicated filed into filters shelf and exclude null value from filter options.

                Now drag your main filed into filters shelf and select use all option , then use show filter option , From the filter options select only relevant values instead of all values in database.

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                  Kaushik Mallampati

                  Hello Govind,


                  To answer you question YES as long as you keep NULL excluded in the filters, all the NULL values will be filtered even when you get 2017 records.





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                    sunaina sarah

                    Hi Govind,


                    If you are doubtful about the data which will be appended later point of time, You can as well filter it at data source level.



                    In the data source, at filters select 'Add'. then select 'date' column to filter. then select 'Null' and check 'Exclude' which is at bottom. so even if years keep adding, u r only excluding the nulls every time. and the new dates and years will keep getting refreshed without any problem.




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