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    Active/cumulative PARAMETER calculation


      Hi ALL,


      Requirement is to show the metrics on a geoMap, bar chart and line chart and show these  on a  tableau dashboard

      I have 6 metrics like

      Metric 1_Active_count

      Metric 1_cumulative_count

      Metric 2_Active_count

      Metric 2_cumulative_count

      Metric 3_Active_count

      Metric 3_cumulative_count


      Client wants to have a selector on the Top rightside of the dashboard with option to choose active/cumulative

      Note:  All the above counts are at the quarterly level  (Q3,Q4 2015/Q1,Q2 2016), and this  applied as a global filter alongside with the metric selector as above


      How to achieve this logic in the individual sheets that is if we select Active count from the selector then only active counts should be shown up on the geop map and if choosen cumulative then so onn, Appreciated if details steps given, thanks in advance.