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    Can I have relative and overlapping date segments?

    Samuel Gee

      I would like a dimension of which the values are:


      Last Week

      Last Month

      2 Months ago

      3 Months ago (or similar)


      Where each value is the sum of sales from the beginning of the database up until that point.


      Assuming today is the 8/4/16 (d/m/y) and the DB started 3 months ago:


      Dimension Value/Table Header -->
      3 months ago
      2 months ago
      Last Month
      Last Week
      Effective Date1/1/161/2/161/3/161/4/16
      Sales in DB101555
      VALUES SHOW IN VIZ10253035



      These can't be done by an IF statement as I want everything in the 3 months ago column to also be including in the 2 months ago, last month and last week columns, and the IF will segment it out.


      Can anyone assist?


      Many thanks,