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    Choosing Mac or Windows

    Aya Elzarka

      I would like to use Tableau with big data in bushiness coming from excel sheets, ad networks, payment platforms, ... I would like to know whether a Mac or Windows is a better choice?


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          Dmitry Chirkov

          Mac vs Windows support is identical for everything but data connectors so if all your inputs are supported on Mac - no apparent reason to pick Windows over it.

          We have not observed any glaring differences when it comes to driver functionality or performance, especially for connectors you mentioned so basically I would pick based on availability on other tools (i.e. is Excel on Mac functionality sufficient for you?) or ease to access to rest of your organization resources (Windows file shares?) and, of course, hardware/software costs.


          Personally, I use both - Windows on workstation and Mac on the laptop and I can't really tell the difference. Our designers and developers do a very good job balancing consistency and adherence to platform standards (have you noticed that Yes/No/Cancel button order on dialogs is reversed?!).

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