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    distinct count measure on dimesnion

    smitha c


      Can i create a distinct count measure on dimension/master say total no of stores from Store_master

      As in my datasource i have inner join with fact and dimension store_master, the distinct count measures gives me the result for only the stores available in the fact.

      I would like to see the total no of stores available in the store_master irrespective of what is there in the fact. How do i achieve this?




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          sunaina sarah

          Hi Smitha,


          If you apply inner join you you will get only common rows.

          But if you want total no:of Stores from 'store_master', make ur 'store_master left side table with the other table on right side. Then apply 'Left Outer Join'.(use JOINs at data source level) Doing so u will get all the common rows as well as the extra rows from the store_master.This will eventually give you total details from store_master. 


          If not u can as well try blending




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