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    Showing the number of ID which has total amount in condition

    Tiet Thach

      Hi everyone,


      I've just learnt about Tableau and there is simple thing in SQL but took me lots of time in Tableau. Could you share with me about the ideas or solution in case as follows:

      First, refer to my enclosed file including 2 columns: ID (Dimension) and Amount (Measure)

      My issue is that how to show the number of ID which has the total amount is greater than 10.  In this case, the expected result is only 1 (ID: 2012/01-194,187 with total is 142,000)

      and I need to show the final result as the title only (see the example about distinct count for ID in sheet "TOTAL_ID").


      Thanks all,

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          Stoyko Kostov

          Hi Tiet,


          This is something Tableau can do with ease. You just need to drag ID to Rows and Amount to Text in the Marks pane, and Tableau will automatically group by ID and aggregate Amount, using SUM as the aggregation function.


          Now you can click on the SUM(Amount) pill and choose Filter. Choose "At Least" as the type of your filter, and enter 10.


          If I understand your second question correctly - you can right-click on the title and choose "Hide title".


          Let me know if you have more questions. I'm attaching my solution - hope it helps.