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    Displaying only the Top 1 based on measure

    Andre Kristianto

      I recently tried to provide a performance analysis for a telecom provider. This one should be very simple but I can't find the login on tableau how to rank the data then display only the top 1...


      Here is the case:

      Suppose that we have data about the performance of each telecom provider service in several area like below.


      From this I want to make a filled map, which color is based on the top operator by measure (Download Speed, Upload Speed, or Latency) on each area. For example if in nevada the fastest download speed belongs to Verizon it will be red on the map, if AT&T it will be blue, and purple if it is T-Mobile. First, I tried to make a table which display the complete data like below :


      Next I tried to display only the top operator but I can't find the logic here. Tried to make a set of top 1 based on measure selection but it failed to provide correct result (picture below) :

      Result.JPG Reference.JPG

      If we look at the data, the correct result shall be :

      California : Verizon

      Nevada : AT&T

      Washington : AT&T


      Can someone help me with this, the logic should be quite simple but I can't find it in Tableau since I am quite new here.

      Please find the .twbx file attached if you need it.


      Thanks in advance.