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    To change the font colour of one field and to group the program fields distinct

    ankit negi



      I am facing two issues while populating the data represented below in the slides.


      Refer to the dashboards 26 as represented in the slide 1. In a similar way, I need to represent the programs  distinct or group by and tells the count of initiatives which is showing under it. Like in "FW-Alumni" I require to show the count of intitatives which is 3 and itself program "FW-Alumni" shows as distinct.


      In the second issue, I have to change the font colour used in the cross sector field from black to white. I already used the measure field into colour and using one calculated field remove the colour from the last column as represented in the dashboard 66, but i want the font colour from black to white as shown in the slide 2.


      Any help would be appreciated. Let me know in case of any clarifications.