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    Sorting dialogue box - iPad

    Ben Page

      I have a basic measure names/measure values crosstab with three metrics. I default the view to be sorted in descending order by the first metric:

      I have the ability to change how I sort this worksheet with the sorting dialogue box -- nothing special here. It functions fine on Tableau Server when I access the report through a desktop computer. However, it seems that I don't have the ability to alter my sort, or interact with the sorting dialogue box, when I access the report on an iPad. I looked around and I couldn't find anything online. Has anyone ever run into this before and if so, is there a solution?




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          David Li

          Hi Ben! Unfortunately, Tableau features seem to be very limited on the iPad and iPad Pro, even when you're interacting with Server-based dashboards that have been published and embedded. I'm not sure if this sort issue is related to such limitations, but that would be my guess.