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    Christopher McKinnish

      There has to be a way to do what I need to do here.


      • Sheet one is an account look up feature.  Basically I took several key fields (8 each) from the customer account data file, concatenated them together and use that as a filter on the customer data file.  With the search as you type feature, this works great.  However, if I use this to filter across all data sources, it does work, but is very slow.


      What I want to do is:  Using the process above for a single worksheet, when I find the account I'm looking for in the filter list, I select it and the account details appear in the worksheet.  Now, I want to key/use a single field (the customer code), then have that field used as the filter across all databases.  I can make this happen within the same data base by using an action filter, which works with lightening speed, however, I need to do this across multiple data sources.


      Anyone have any suggestions?

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          Ivan Young

          This article might help Filtering Data Across Multiple Data Sources | Tableau Software it describes how to use action filters across multiple data sources.

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            Christopher McKinnish

            Thanks - I had looked at this before.  This is unfortunately no help.  Primarily because parameters are not dynamic when the underlying database updates, and / or because I would have to display all customers, which is 500,000+.  This is not a tenable solution.


            Again - Look I need to lookup.  Based on that result, use a key field to filter across all data sources.


            Thanks again



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              Karen Clark

              Hi Christopher,


              What version of Tableau are you using?


              10 does have cross database filtering but the field has to be present in all of the data sources.  I've tested it to a limited degree as I have several dashboards connecting to multiple data sources and it works very well - worth upgrading 10 specifically for this feature in my mind. 

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                Christopher McKinnish

                I'm using v10.  Filtering across multiple data-sources is not the issue.  This works.   I guess i'm not explaining myself correctly, so I will try this again. 


                Here is the setup:


                Worksheet 1 = Account Lookup.   For this I created a calculated field [Account lookup] that has Customer Name, Address, City, State, Customer Number.   This feature is used as the user may not know what the account number is for the customer they want to look for.   Or, maybe they do. 


                Worksheets 2 thru 12 are compiled into 5 separate dashboards. 


                Problem:  When I use the calculated field [Account Lookup] across all data sources, it does in fact work.  It works exactly how I want it to work.   The ONLY problem is speed.   Tableau desktop does this calculating filters routine, which causes each dashboard to load in like 25-30 seconds. 


                Now contrast this with the alternate solution of not having the Account Lookup.  Where we have use just one data field of the key field [Customer Number] as the field to filter across all the data sources.  If I set this up where there is no Account Lookup, and I have the user just enter or select the [Customer Number], which is used as a filter across all data sources, the dashboards load in about 4-6 seconds.   This is a huge contrast.  The speed in which the results are returned from the [Customer Number] alone vs. the calculated field [Account Lookup] is 5 times quicker.  However, we need the lookup process so we can find the correct account number out of 300,000+ options available.  Of course, I could also use the account lookup just to allow the user to find the account code, then have them turn around and manually enter the [Customer Number] the account lookup just found.   This is just goofy.


                Desired Results:  I want to use the account lookup.  When the selection is made, the worksheet displays all of the independent fields that were used to make up the concatenated field for the account lookup.  One of them being the key field of the [Customer Number].  Therefore, when the selection is made from the [Account Lookup] filter, which also returns the independent field of [Customer Number], I now want to use this field [Customer Number] as the primary filter across all of the data bases, thereby giving me the extremely fast response time we see when using only the [Customer Number] .   I could actually get this to work by setting up action filters and having a tool tip display various actions to go to the sheet they want.  But this is a terrible way to have the users navigate the entire Published workbook.



                Thanks for the time.