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    Two Compare two Different counts bases on Previous months and Current months user filter selection

      Dimensions - YEAR and MONTH fields
      condition :
      Show the UP , DOWN and Equal to Indicators based on the Logic below
      Logic - Comparing the AR count For the current & previos months depending on User Filters
      User Filter is Date Silder ( user Selects the date )
      example : T1: start date 07/01/2016
      End date 09/30/2016
      Bring count for this Timeperiod T1
      T2 :GO back to 3months
      Prev start date 04/01/2016
      Previous End date 06/30/2016
      Bring count for this Time perios T2
      Main calculation : To compare count for T1 and T2 Periods and show the indicators based on the count
      if T1 > T2 then high indicator
      in T1<T2 then low indicator
      If T1=T2 then eqaul indicator

      Attaching Excel sheet with Logic and DATA