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    How to set a flag if a value is contained in a data set

    Maximus Decimus Meridius

      I have lists of different email blasts by member id. What I want to do is create a dimension that shows how many times a member has been contacted. The approach I'm thinking is to upload the list for each email blast as a separate data source (there are 5 email blasts in total), and then create a 1/0 flag for each email blast for the master member list (i.e. [Flag 1] = set to 1 if a member id is in email blast 1, [Flag 2] = set to if member id is in email blast 2 etc). Then I can just sum over those flags to see how many times each member has been contacted. My first question is how can I set a flag that checks if [Member ID] exists in a different data source? The other question is if this sounds like a decent approach or if there's a more straightforward way to do this?


      So what I have is a master member list with every single member id. Then a list for each email blast containing every member id that received an email. Now I want to count how many times each member id appears across these lists.