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    Chart / dashboard size

    gene shackman

      I have some charts, showing indicator values for 62 counties in NYS, by race/ethnicity. When I make a dashboard, everything is squeezed into a standard size chart and I can't see the individual counties or race/ethnic groups. Same for tables. There seems to be a limit to the size (e.g., width) to the table in the dashboard.


      Also, I put the charts on the web, I have to scroll around to see different counties.


      How can I make the chart larger, taking up more of the screen? Is there a size control thing? I searched for chart size and there was mention of range, I think? Is that something to control size? What else?




      data from here

      County Health Indicators by Race/Ethnicity (CHIRE)

      Unintentional hospitalization by county and by race/ethnicty


      The first chart is the table, the second is the dashboard from the table.