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    Crosstab adds shapes to all measure values

    Rob Rimmer



      I have a crosstab that details the decision making performance of our contact centre agents for various types of calls we take.


      There are a number of different measures in the table that show the fail rate for those calls assessed for quality purposes as well as a measure that shows what percentage of all calls have been assessed. We target ourselves on scoring at least 10% of the calls we take and so I would like to add a shape to the table to show whether or not we have met this target.


      I can accomplish this somewhat by changing the crosstab to have shapes in it, but this ends up adding the shape to every measure, when really all I want is the shape to be on the "% scored of type" line.


      I've added a screenshot to show you what I'm working with (I can't supply you with a .twbx as I am not permitted to share this particular data).