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    Conditional Formatting of a Quick Table Calculation

    Harry Lawrance

      Hello - I'm trying to add conditional formatting to a table of quick table calculations such that values > 0% are green, values < 0% are red and values = 0% are orange.

      I followed Jeff Mills advice from a previous related question - Conditional Formatting - to create a conditional statement. See the attached.


      As you can see, this works for the number of [sales] (as this is what the conditional statement is asking) however I want to highlight based on the %age change, not on the raw values. How would I amend my conditional statement to achieve this? Hopefully that all makes sense.


      As an aside, how would I hide the 2014 column here - it serves no purpose, but I can't exclude it or filter it, as that would then wipe my 2015 %age change data?


      Thanks in advance for any help with this


      Kind regards, H