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    Date Filtering Confusion (QTD/YTD/MAT etc)

    Mark Hodge

      Apologies if this is a rehash of an old question, but I am new to tableau and having tried searching many forums still do not have a satisfactory answer to what I believe should be a relatively simple problem regarding date filtering in tableau.


      Ultimately I want to be able to include years and months of my choosing in a row or column field (narrowed by filters) and have accurate QTD, YTD, MAT numbers returned in the data for various measures.  But calculations are done post filtering.  I think I might need to do something with table calcs but it is a bit beyond my experience.


      I want to be able to use discrete filters to select just FY15 or FY14 etc and still have the correct data returned, and I want to be able to just select one month or many months and have data maintain correct values.

      All examples I have seen seem to revert to a continuous data filter which would not be suitable for my intentions.


      It feels to me that this should be a very simple task for a tool such as tableau but I am really struggling despite spending a long time looking through articles.


      Thanks for any assistance you can provide.