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    Assistance required with a “Calculated Field” format

    Lance Martens

      Hi All,


      I would appreciate any assistance with how to configure my worksheet “Calculated Field” format?



      • I have 12 months’ worth of actual flux data at a sample rate of 1min
      • I have created three worksheets each to determine a specific “Count” based on the respective “True” statement
      • The “Count > 0.0% Flax” represents the total relative reference measure


      • My challenge is that I’m unable to figure out how to create a calculated field to determine the % of when the flax is >0.5 and >1.25 relative to the Count  > 0.0% Flax reference measure



      • Is there a way to combine a “Count” calculated field with that of a “true” statement calculated field, allowing me to simply place the new calculated field on the column shelf and get the a desired count result without having to introduce a “True” filter?
      • This will also then enable me to easily create a % calculated field as outlined below


      • Example of what I’m trying to accomplish:
      • I need a calculated field that will enable me to determine the relative percentage of the following:
      • Count  > 0.5% Flax / Count  > 0.0% Flax (the true statements need to be already incorporated)
      • 147,746 / 506,370
      • = 29.18%
      • Meaning that 29.18% of the time the flax % was > 0.5% relative to the Count  > 0.0% Flax reference measure


      My workbook is attached.


      Any assistance will be appreciated,