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    Assign Dates to Summed Columns

    Ben Lorenz

      I have a data set of unique ID rows that have cost columns for each month of cost. I want to sum each column up and assign that column a date so that I can trend the data over time.


      As shown below, period 1 would be the spend for January, period 2 for February, etc. etc. I can sum the columns and get the total spend for all the unique ID's for each month. The problem is I can't figure out how to assign a date to that summed value. As the unique ID's have spend in multiple months, entering a placeholder date would not work as each row would need multiple dates.


      Goal: Sum each period down the table to the get the total amount for that period. Trend totals month to month.



      In excel it would be:


      Column 1     Column 2

      January       (SUM(Period WRT01 Row 1 - Row 500)

      February     (SUM(Period WRT02 Row 1 - Row 500)


      Then I could graph with column 1 on the X axis and column 2 on the y-axis. Very simple.