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    Customization to block automatic column adds?

    Eric Hirst

      I'm auto-generating .TDS files, and having problems with Tableau automatically adding in columns that I don't include (as hidden columns or otherwise) in the TDS.


      The workflow, absent my tool, is as follows:


      1. Create a view in SQL Server
      2. Connect to it in Tableau Desktop, using password authentication (this detail matters for step 7 below; if you use Windows authentication you can skip steps 7, 8, and 9 below).
      3. Save off the Data Source (.TDS)
      4. Close Tableau Desktop
      5. Add a column to the View
      6. Re-open the TDS in Tableau Desktop, but don't query any data or look at the data source tab (that is, don't tell Tableau your SQL Server password yet).
      7. Notice that the new column is not present (no surprise -- there's no way Tableau could know about it yet) in Dimensions or Measures list.
      8. Open the Data Source tab, providing your SQL Server password when prompted.
      9. Go back to Sheet 1, and look at Dimensions and Measures lists.
      10. Observe that Tableau has automatically added your new column.  This is the behavior I'm trying to turn off.


      Does anyone know of a way to turn off the behavior in step 10, above, using a TDC customization or otherwise?  I'd like to do this for SQL Server, and if possible for a generic ODBC source as well.


      Thanks, Eric


      P.S. My tool is effectively doing steps 1-5.  I can have it automatically add all the extra columns as "hidden" as a workaround, but this creates additional difficulties and I would prefer to simply set a boolean flag in an embedded TDC to disable step 10.