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    If and then functions

    Vinh Phan

      Hello everybody,

      I am new here and I currently have a problem with IF ... Then Function:

      I write a formula and its doesn't work:

      If CountD(Customer)>=80 AND Year([Order Date]) = [Year Parameter] Then SUM([Sales])/2 END

      Please tell me how to get it done.

      Thank you.

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          Stoyko Kostov

          Hello Vinh,


          You are mixing aggregate and non-aggregate functions.


          I can make some suggestions on how to fix this, but it would be best if I knew what you were trying to do.


          One possibility is to first add a filter on [Order Date], and then leave your IF statement as If CountD(Customer)>=80 Then SUM([Sales])/2 END.


          Another possibility is to introduce an aggregation on the date as well: If CountD(Customer)>=80 AND Year(MAX([Order Date])) = [Year Parameter] Then SUM([Sales])/2 END


          Clearly the 2 approaches will give you 2 different results - try them out and see what suits your needs.


          You can read this KB article for more insight: Resolving "Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate arguments" Calculation Error | Tableau Software


          Let me know if you have more questions - I'd be glad to help. If you provide sample data and/or workbook, and state what you are trying to achieve, that would even be better.

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