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    Help with grand totals on a dashboard


      Hello everyone,


      I need some help with perhaps a calculated field that can be used to show grand totals of one of my measures when my filter has been selected as "All". I have a dashboard with 7 worksheets on it (all pertaining to refugee education), I have one parameter with a calculated field that I am using as a dashboard filter for Host Country. When a country is selected the rest of the worksheets on the dashboard fill in with the corresponding information for that country, when "All" is selected from the filter the dashboard goes blank excluding a couple worksheets which I want to always be visible.


      What I would like now is to have a grand total for my "Out of school children" worksheet to appear when "All" is selected from the parameter instead of going blank. I'm wondering if this can be done with a calculated field? I'm having issues with this as I already have some calculated fields in my dashboard and need to be able to show or not show certain parts of my dashboard depending on what has been selected.


      I've provided a couple screenshots below in order to explain a bit better what I mean, also feel free to look at my dashboard on Tableau public and download the workbook here: https://public.tableau.com/views/unhcrworkingdashboardedit/Dashboard3?:embed=y&:display_count=yes


      Here is an example of what shows up when a country is selected, in this case Ethiopia :

      OOS totals.png

      When the parameter is put to "All" - I would like to have the grand totals for all countries for each age group show up:

      OOS totals 2.png

      Any suggestion is helpful, thank you for you time!