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    Change logo on sign-in page

    Deepak Reddy Mogulla



      I have found a Tableau documentation on how to change headers and logos to reflect you organizations name and logo instead of Tableau's. Here is the link to it Change the Name or Logo.


      I was successful in changing the header name and header logo but when I type in the command for sign_in_logo, (please refer to the link), it throws an error something like this


      *** Error: Unknown customization 'sign_in_logo'


      Now I need to change it and I have no idea how to do this. I have a full white logo for the header though and observed that after I replaced the header logo, I do not have any logo on my sign-in page. If the sign-in logo will change to the same logo as my header when I type the header logo command, then this is not what I thought it should be. I have two separate images for each of the spots and the documentation says to have different images for each of the locations too.


      We are still on Tableau 9.3 and I am not sure if these commands are deprecated and what the new ones are?


      Any help is much appreciated.




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          Toby Erkson

          You are not looking at the correct version.  Hovering over the link you provided displays this in the lower left corner of the screen (a feature on all browsers):

          See the word "/current/"?  That is a default for whatever the latest version of Tableau is*.




          You need to look at the 9.3 documentation.  That command is not available in 9.3


          Prior to version 9.0 Tableau had logo and smalllogo. 9.0 got rid of smalllogo.  Version 10 has "fixed" this problem with sign_in_logo and header_logo.





          * Not necessarily a good default when needing specifics based upon version, for example, if I provide a link for version 10 it will always have "current" in it, even when version 10 gets superseded by a greater version where the content is no longer relevant (or maybe even existent).


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            Deepak Reddy Mogulla

            Thank you response Toby, that helped. And we need to upgrade soon . Tableau 10 seems amazing with so many nice and new features.