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    Auto Export TDE from Server

    Dixon Davenport

      Hi All,


      Using Tabcmd(or other) is there a way to script the exporting of a TDE from Tableau server? I am not familiar with the Java/C++ so I think the Tableau Data Extract API is not an option for me.

      I have been able to use the below script which pulls the tds or tdsx files, but I need to pull the tde.

      Tableau Server\9.3\bin> tabcmd get "/datasources/DATA_SOURCE_NAME.tds" --filename "C:/TARGET"


      I am unable to adjust this code to instead pull the TDE. I realize I can use the downloaded tds/tdsx to get to the TDE via the UI, but I need a way to have the TDE automatically dropped as the "*.tde" format via a script or automated process.


      As an alternative, I know I can locate the TDE in the folder tree on the Tableau Server, but it is not in a consistent location. I need a way to consistently get this TDE and automate a subsequent process with it.


      Thanks in advance for any help!