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    Bar-In-Bar Chart: How to colour only inner bar using calculated field

    Vikrant Abbott

      Dear Users


      I have been trying to find solution on how to color only the inner bar red on a bar-in-bar chart.  I have a calculated field which sets the color "Red" if value below a threshold.


      Below: Original colors on chart


      After applying the calculated field to color on the view.


      Question 1: How to avoid original colors being changed (here Blue set for Null) when no value falls below threshold. 

      Question 2: How to apply below threshold value color (i.e. Red) to only inner bar.  Also leaving original colors for other bars (i.e. above threshold)


      Question 3: To label inner bar I have had to use a reference line label but is there a way using the bar label itself.


      Unfortunately I cannot provide the workbook due to sensitive data but hope the questions makes sense.  Any guidance much appreciated.