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    LOD with Dates - How do I include only the most recent date relative to another date?

    todd peikin

      I want to track how long it takes customers to buy an item after they view it on my website.


      I have the following pieces of data:



      Date of View

      Date of Buy


      This would be simple if there was one view date and one buy date. However, if they bought the same item multiple times, I only want the most recent [Date of View] prior to the [Date of Buy]

      Below "Time to Buy" = [Date of Buy] - [Date of view]




      I want to remove [Date of Buy] and [Date of View] from the viz and have an [Average Time to Buy] for each item. However, I want the average to be computed only from the most recent [Date of View] prior to the [Date of Buy}

      See example of what I am trying to do below. I tried various LOD expressions, but none worked the way I needed. Data source is attached. Please help. Thank you.