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    Tableau Server Global Deployment and Sync Content

    Michael Gao

      Hi Guru,

      I have a customer who has three operation centers world-wide:

      1. China

      2. US

      3. Europe

      The network among these three sites is slow and unstable.


      But the people often travel world-wide, they need to access Tableau server from anywhere. If they deploy Tableau server in China centrally, they'll experience slow and unstable system due to network issue. So they're considering other deployment options:

      1. Cluster, they'd like to deploy a Tableau server cluster with primary node in China, and two workers in US and Europe, so people in different locations can access local server node without network issues. I said no to them on this option, because it's unrealistic to build a server cluster via internet, especially on a "slow & unstable" network environment. Am I right?

      2. De-centralized deployment, that means to deploy three servers in China, US and EU, so local people can access local server without network issue. But the key point is that they want the content on three servers can keep synchronized, wherever or whoever publish a new viz on one server, it should be sync-ed to the other 2 servers.
      Also the user accounts are sync-ed among 3 servers, so one people who travel can login any server (local server) with his account. And they don't want to buy 3 licenses for one people although the account exists on 3 servers.


      My questions:

      1. option1, am I right considering my answer to customer?

      2. option2, do we have any similar reference deployment cases? what's the best solution considering their needs, and what should be done to make the solution work?


      Any comments are appreciated. Thanks!


      Michael Gao