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    Split graphical view

    Mikey Michaels

      Quick question - and it might be a stupid one - when I look at Tableau Viz of the Day, I see cool charts like the one below that splits dimensions into separate graphs that fit neatly on the screen both vertically and horizontally. My question is, on the attached, how could I replicate this? As of right now, all the graphs are in a vertical pattern.


      Any and all help is much appreciated!




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          Tom W
          • Download the Tableau workbook by using the Download link in the bottom right hand corner and inspect what the original author did - Workbook: Republican Polling
            • Pay particular attention to the fields 'Column Divider' and 'Row Divider'. Right click these and select show header and you'll note they are effectively able to form a grid by creating two calculated fields which leverage the INDEX() function
          • You could take a look at something like this - Re: Stephen Few's book signal. Is this example has been made with Tableau?
          • Your easiest bet might actually be to create two sheets and layer them together in a dashboard (although I acknowledge this isn't visually as appealing.
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            Mikey Michaels

            Hello, thank you for your help.

            I downloaded the workbook and tried to replicate without much success. On the attached, you will see I'm really struggling to implement this graph splitting strategy. I noticed on the Republican Polling workbook, the max date and min date fields are actual date fields, where my "date" field is numerical. Is this what's causing the issue?


            Any help is much appreciated.



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              Tom W

              What are you struggling with? It seems like you've got the basis down pat - now hide the headers for the column and row dividers and you should have what you need?

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                Mikey Michaels

                I'm struggling with creating the final layout. My data is now split into two columns, however, I would like to see the Product Brands split and not the Fiscal Year and Periods (on the attached). Something like this:

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                  Tom W

                  Hi Mikey,

                  It doesn't look like you've followed all the steps in the same way the original version has. Note how the original version doesn't have the candidate dimension on either of the row or column shelf? This is what makes it possible to create the grid like layout, by utilizing the Column Divider and Row Divider table calculations to create the grid. I put emphasis on the table calculations because it's also important you set the right 'compute using' setting on those.


                  I used the same approach as the first sheet but altered it slightly and I was able to come up with this;


                  Displaying the labels is tough because your dataset does not have a continuous date axis. I was able to get it to display on the 'maximum' end of the [Fiscal Year and Period2] dimension, but I'd imagine results will vary when you don't have data for a product in a period. I did try to get it centered, but that's additionally difficult given that you have 4 periods right now and again, no continuous axis.


                  I've created a version in Tableau 10 but I'm not sure you are up to date yet. Let me know if you are and I can attach it, otherwise, here's some brief steps on how you can get closer in your version of Tableau 9. Upload your progress and I can fill the gaps for the rest of the way;

                  • Move Product Brand to the detail button on the marks card.
                  • Add a field on the columns shelf with the formula (Index()%3)
                    • Set field to discrete
                    • Set Compute 'Using to Product Brand'
                  • Add a field on the columns shelf with the formula Index()%2
                    • Set field to discrete / compute as above
                  • Create a field called '1' with the value {FIXED : MAX(95)}
                  • Drag the field '1' onto the rows shelf, set aggregation as min
                  • Setup a dual axis on the new measure added
                  • Edit the axis for '1' to display a fixed range of 0 to 100
                  • On the marks card, change the display type of MIN(1) to be a line
                    • Set the size to be as small as possible
                    • Set the color to white and transparency to 0
                    • Drag Product Brand onto the Label button for MIN(1) on the marks card
                    • Click the label button and set 'Marks to Label' as Min/Max
                    • Set the scope to Pane
                    • Field 'Fiscal Year and Period 2'
                    • Options, select 'Label maximum value' only.
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                    Mikey Michaels

                    This looks fantastic. Thank you so much for your time!

                    I will try and recreate this view tonight and will ask additional follow-up questions if needed.

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                      Mikey Michaels

                      Could you attach the version 10 workbook? I recently upgraded. Thanks!

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                        Tom W

                        Here you go

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                          Mikey Michaels


                          This is fantastic. Thank you so much for your help -> I have a better understand of how this works now.

                          Two follow up questions;

                          1: In my actual dataset, I have 13 Brands. I assume I would need to adjust the Index calculations to accommodate more Brands. Since 13 is an odd number, I thought I could simply adjust the column and row numbers to 4 (16 quadrants). The outcome I receive does not look correct-> I think a minor adjustment is needed.

                          2: If I would like to add another calculated field, such as Seats UM Running total, as a dual axis line graph to the bar graphs, is that possible?


                          I have attached a new workbook.


                          Thank you so so much for your help!




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                            Tom W

                            I was only able to take a quick look. I'm guessing this will be caused by you having no data for certain brands.

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                              Mikey Michaels

                              Thank you so much for your help, TOM!

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                                Tom W


                                I had to create something similar to this for my own purposes on Friday and I cracked the nut a little further. Is your most recent version still your best / most relevant copy? If not, upload a new one for me and I'll layer in my enhancements I've made at some point in the next couple of days.

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                                  Mikey Michaels

                                  Awesome, Tom!

                                  Please layer your enhancements on the file attachment I posted on 09.29


                                  Your help is much appreciated!