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    Replace multiple column names easily

    Srinivas Madiraju

      I have some data in a table on server that i connect to with about 100 columns and about 500 rows. (I don't have any access to edit / modify that table).

      I have an excel sheet that has the list of those 100 column labels and their alternate labels. eg: Asset Id is a column label and its alternate label is Asset_Number.

      I want to know an easy way to be able to show the the 500 rows of data with alternate labels instead of the original labels.

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          Tom W

          There's no native way to do this in Tableau that I can think of. However, you could look to edit the XML and rename the columns that way but I personally wouldn't recommend this approach.


          It sounds like you're connecting to a database table - are you able to use custom SQL instead? If so, you could create custom SQL to do the aliasing of the columns.



          [Asset Id] as [Asset_Number],

          [Column2] as [Wombats],




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            Srinivas Madiraju

            Thank you Tom, I can use a custom SQL. I really didn't want to use the aliasing because of the volume of columns and with the scope of changing the alternate labels again in future, I was checking if there is a solution that is useful for folks who don't know sql querying as well..