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    Is it possible to use a measure without using its axis? (attached wkbk)

    Lionel Yu

      This is an odd request but I can't figure out how to achieve this in Tableau. I'd like to show the cumulative % change of positive and negative values on the same line. In the attached wkbk I have a time series of % change of 10 days, but I want to show the cumulative % change at the end. Due to this being a table calculation, I have to use "Day" as the row and a dimension "Positive Negative Return" as the column. However, when this happens the negative final number is slightly below the final positive number, as the last negative % was on day 9 and the last positive % was on day 10. my goal here is to try to get these two numbers on the same level



      is this possible to achieve? Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts.