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    Trimmed Mean/Average with DATEDIFF

    Stephan Noack

      I have a workbook in which I have a ton of data that I'm analyzing for a hotel.


      I have a date of arrival and a date of booking - the difference in these days is what we call the "booking window".


      I've got the datediff working correctly, but would love to trim the top 10% and the bottom 10% off in order to get a realistic view. The reason being is because we've had some people book in a year in advance, then some that book same day. If there were two reservations made, one 365 days in advance and one the same day, the average would be 183 days (where no one booked).


      These are causing skews to the data and making our assumptions in correct. If I could use the 80-90% in the middle to take an average, I think we could win.