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    need calculation


      i want to see last 6 week day  data based on todays date.


      for example.if today is thrusday I want to view last 6 Thursdays data based on todays date. I was able to get without todays date. any idea on this ?

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          Andrew Watson

          You can use 2 filters from calculated fields:


          1. [DateField] > DATEADD('week',-6,TODAY()) (or a relative, green, standard date filter for the last 6 weeks)

          2. DATEPART('weekday',TODAY()) = DATEPART('weekday',[DateField])


          Set both to 'True' in the filters shelf if using the calculated fields technique.


          These can also be combined into a 1 calculated field if you prefer:


          [DateField] > DATEADD('week',-6,TODAY()) AND DATEPART('weekday',TODAY()) = DATEPART('weekday',[DateField])


          Set to True in the filters shelf.

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            thank you Andrew for your reply.


            I have implemented above code. I have one question. since I want to show last 6 thursdays


            For example If we have 4 Thursdays in Apr 2013 and 4 Thursdays in march 2013,i want to display 4 Thursdays in april and last 2 Thursdays in march so total 6 Thursdays currently I am getting 4 Thursdays in april 2013 and 4 in march.Please find attached image. since I have selected 2 months it is showing 8 Thursdays.


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              Andrew Watson

              Instead of selecting 2 months select 6 weeks.

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                Vikas S



                You can have 2 filters, 1st is to identify and limit the day of week & 2nd is to limit you data for past 6 weeks.


                1. identify today's weekday & compare with your date fileld, ex Note- Order Date = YourDateField

                     DATENAME('weekday',[Order Date],'sunday')= DATENAME('weekday',TODAY() ,'sunday')

                      set your calculated field to 'True' in filter shelf.

                2 Limit your data to fetch only past 6 weeks , you can achieve this by either filtering it by weeks or by number of days.

                     [YourDateField] > DATEADD('week',-6,TODAY())

                     Set this filter to 'True'




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                  thanks vikas that worked